Chadburn history captains

The society seeks to create a more comprehensive historical record of the Brass Pedestal Telegraphs, which were used for communicating orders, mainly between the wheelhouse and the engine room. We need your help to achieve this aim.
CHADBURNS of LIVERPOOL were the system pioneer from 1872, taking out many patents. The Chadburn name was then, and still is, synonymous with good design and high quality instruments.

OUR OBJECTIVES ARE : to preserve Telegraph history – enhance global facilities for the collector – coordinate research and artefacts – provide a database for educational use – promote interest via museums and the media.
Complete Transmitter/Receiver sets remain the most desirable pieces, but are rarely found. If you have information about ship stations with commands in any language – Ahead/Astern – Heave To – and other docking orders, we would like to hear from you. We are particularly interested in supporting photographs or images, together with all information about location and background to the treasure(s) you have located.
In the 1950 to 1960 period, the Chadburns Group was enlarged with the addition of Mechans, A.Robinson and Bloctube Controls. Details about these companies’ Telegraphs, together with details of copies made in other countries, would be most welcome in our database. We want future generations to benefit from your archived knowledge.
The Maritime Museum in Albert Docks, Liverpool exhibit a beautiful 1930s Chadburn Telegraph. The Society owns similar examples, and further information can be obtained from

The Society is a non-profit organisation. All material in this website is for information only, carefully researched; but no factual guarantee can be given, due to loss of records caused by war damage in 1941 and subsequent intermittent records up to the late 1990s. The Society is indebted to many volunteer contributors – a list of whom is available on request.